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Custom Boat Rocket Launchers

Hand crafted from high quality materials in our Connecticut shop, our rocket launchers for boats come in customizable options along with complete custom pieces from scratch. Whether you’re searching for a boat rocket launcher for sale or looking to create a fishing rocket that suits your needs, we have you covered. With both starboard and teak options, With both starboard and teak options, you can decide on size, layout, and design to meet your fishing demands. Choose from rod and cup holder layout, as well as optional divided drawers for bait, terminal tackle, or lures. Working on a smaller platform? Our pedestal design allows boat rod holders owners to remove the pedestal and rocket pole fishing launcher when not in use.

Customize your aluminum or stainless steel pedestal with durable rocket boat, launcher rod holders that are corrosive-resistant and will maintain their functionality for years to come.When it comes to rocket launcher buy,for fishing buy decisions, our products offer top-notch quality and versatility for marine rocket launcher enthusiasts.

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