Rocket Launcher Locker Base (RTL-PC)


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At Arrigoni Design, we manufacture all of our custom cabinetry, lockers, and insets from scratch. Each custom product is given individual care and consideration, built to your exact specifications. Our RTL-PC unit combines the features of our rocket launchers and custom storage lockers. Designed for center cockpit installation with a deck footprint of only 24″ x 12″ and topping out at 34″ high. Constructed of high-quality, maintenance-free King Starboard polyethylene. Integrated rigging tray and four stainless steel rod holders (can also be cup holders). Behind a lockable, waterproof door, you’ll find five large pull out drawers with customizable dividers -perfect for tackle and lure storage. Easily and securely mount this locker to any flat deck surface.


24″ width x 12″ depth x 34″ height (custom dimensions always available)

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