Welcome To Arrigoni Design!

Since 1994, Arrigoni Design has been making custom boat furniture and equipment. Our team has more than 37 years of experience in the industry, and it is our goal to make your boating experience as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

Most companies that sell boat equipment provide the same sized furniture across the board. The few companies that do sell different sizes rarely provide wiggle room for people who may need custom-sized chairs to fit their vessel’s unique needs and their own personal preferences. Not Arrigoni Design! We want people of all sizes and with a variety of preferences to enjoy their boating experience to the fullest, and we work closely with every customer to custom-make Samson posts, captain’s chairs and other purpose-built boat furnishings to ensure you have an enjoyable, relaxing and safe experience on the water.

Our team of seasoned, hard-working professionals wants to enhance your boating experience. Getting out on the waves can be difficult enough with the busy schedules that most of us have today, so it’s all the more important that you truly can rest and relax when you have time to get away. With furniture that is made to suit your exact needs, you can feel more comfortable and at ease, allowing you to truly unwind.

Arrigoni Design wants to make your boating experience as perfect as possible, and we do so for a very affordable price. Let us work with you to collaborate on the perfect captain’s chair, the purpose-built Samson posts or any other customized boat furniture you need. To get started, give our team a call today at 800-235-2628.