Poly Custom Shape Table Top (CUSTOM-P)


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Since 1994, Arrigoni Design has specialized in handcrafting custom table tops, built to your exact specifications. Our tables and table tops are built-to-order in our Connecticut shop using the highest-quality materials. To add value to the boat, we provide custom desk table tops of wood in any size, shape, or style. We also offer stunning inlays and overlay decals in any color (contrasting wood, gold leaf, etc.). We promise: if you can dream it, Arrigoni can build it.

  • Arrigoni can build tables or table tops of any size or shape
  • Your choice of fixed or adjustable table top (fold over, fold under, drop leaf, pull up)
  • Customize with carved inlay or overlay decal (completely varnished for protection)
  • Optional add-ons include drawers or drink holders
  • Built-to-order in Connecticut
  • Shipped nationwide

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