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Have you ever anxiously awaited to sit in what looks like a comfortable helm seat, only to find that is either too low to the ground or too high for you to be able to actually enjoy sitting in it?

We surely have, which is why Arrigoni Design developed a new pedestal extender for helm seats. This innovative device will fit over any standard 2 7/8″ pedestal, and it instantly raises your seat by six inches!

Conveniently, this device is easy to install; in fact, you don’t even need tools to do so. Simply pop off your helm seat, slide on the pedestal extender, tighten the nut on the side for a snug fit and then slip your helm seat back on.

Keep in mind, even with this unique tool, you will still be able to use your seat slide and footrest as you always have. To order one of our “HiRiser” pedestal extenders for your boat seats you can call us toll free at 800-235-BOAT (2628) or fax us your order at 860-669-6982.

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