For the more traditional yachtsman, our ladderback helm seats are top of the line. Each Arrigoni ladderback is built-to-order and thoughtfully constructed in our local Connecticut shop. Customize every aspect – choose from solid teak or polyethylene construction, with or without arms. You can also choose to have three or four rung backs and either permanent upholstery or removable cushions. With decades of experience, we are happy to walk you through what will look and feel best on your boat. We guarantee these durable and beautiful seats will completely transform your helm. Reach out today for more information.

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  • Teak Double Wide Ladderback Helm Seat (HS-3T)

  • Teak 3-Rung Ladderback Helm Seat with Arms (HS-1T3)

  • Teak 4-Rung Ladderback Helm Seat, Armless (HS-1T4N)

  • Teak 4-Rung Ladderback Helm Seat with Arms (HS-1T4)

  • Teak 3-Rung Ladderback Helm Seat, Armless (HS-1T3N)

  • Starboard 4-Rung Ladderback Helm Seat (HS-1P4)

  • Compact Ladderback Helm Seat (HS-2T)