Custom Tables for Small and Large Vessels

Craft your dream onboard experience! Arrigoni Designs builds custom tables for boats of all sizes – from space-saving wonders to grand teak masterpieces!

At Arrigoni Designs, we understand the lure of open water is irresistible – offering exciting adventures, tranquil relaxation, and moments of pure delight! However, regardless of vessel size, creating a cozy yet functional living area onboard is vital to truly enjoy life onboard – creating meals, recreation, and shared memories around a table is at the core of it all! Off-the-shelf solutions don’t cut it when it comes to nautical furniture so our focus lies in crafting Custom Tables for Small and Large Vessels tailored specifically to our clientele’s requirements and preferences!

Small Crafts with Great Options

When it comes to smaller boats, every inch counts – but that doesn’t have to mean compromising style or utility! Our Drop Leaf Hi-Low Table with Two Leaves offers the ideal solution – featuring two drop leaves that open when needed before collapsing away for compact storage when not. Furthermore, its adjustable height makes this an excellent solution for dining, lounging or simply taking in your surroundings.

Grandeur on the High Seas

At larger vessels, a table must accommodate large gatherings while withstanding the elements and wear and tear of maritime life. Our Teak Cockpit Curved Edge Table Top (BARREL), constructed of premium teak wood and featuring its trademark curvy edge design adds sophistication while being sturdy against weather elements; plus providing enough surface area to entertain or focus.

Adaptability Is Key

At any vessel size, adaptability is of utmost importance. Our Pull Up Hi-Low Table (PULL) lives up to its name with an easy pull-up mechanism allowing effortless height adjustment, turning any cockpit into the dining area, sunbathing platform, or cozy workspace seamlessly. Compact designs accommodate smaller boats while robust builds offer durability on larger ones.

Beyond Traditional Materials

While teak remains the premier material choice for marine furniture, we also provide our Poly Rectangular Table Top (RECT-P). Crafted out of high-density polyethylene for enhanced UV exposure protection and easy maintenance, this table is perfect for active boaters.

Customizable to Your Vision

At Arrigoni Designs, we recognize that every table must reflect your vessel and cruising preferences uniquely. That is why our custom boat tables offer many customizable features; this ranges from sizes and finishes selections, hardware choices, and logo/design personalization – so that it becomes a truly customized piece for you and your boat!

Beyond the Table: Conceiving of an Onboard Oasis

While your custom table may be at the heart of it all, Arrigoni Designs provides complementary furniture and accessories to complete its creation into one cohesive oasis for you and your boating lifestyle.

  • Matching Benches and Chairs: Finish off the look with custom benches and chairs designed specifically to complement your table – we suggest teak, poly, or combination materials to achieve an integrated aesthetic.
  • Storage Solutions: Maximize the potential of your space with custom ottomans, cabinets, and shelves from our collection – these pieces keep belongings organized while adding a sense of sophistication.
  • Sunshades and Biminis: Get protection from the harsh sun’s rays while creating an enjoyable dining or lounging area with custom-designed shades and biminis!

Your Table Is More than Furniture

Your table goes beyond mere furniture – it represents the essence of your onboard experience and creates unforgettable moments and lasting memories that boost every voyage you embark upon. At Arrigoni Designs, our goal is to assist in crafting a table that matches both your style and enhances every voyage onboard your vessel.

Reach out now to discuss your bespoke table needs, and let us assist in crafting a stunning centerpiece for your nautical adventures! Visit our website and browse through our impressive collection of custom tables and boat furniture – Arrigoni Designs is your one-stop solution to creating memorable maritime adventures in style and comfort!

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