Samson Post

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Samson Post
Fishing Rod Holder

Stand up and Fight

Now anybody is strong enough and any boat is big enough for serious sport fishing. The Arrigoni Samson Post gives you the leverage to fight and land the big ones.
The concept is simple and ingenious. For boats lacking space for fighting chairs, the Arrigoni Samson Post provides a standing fighting station requiring only 12’ turning radius, a fulcrum for your rod and a brace for your body, it enhances your strength and reduces fatigue. And it couldn’t be easier to install. Use it as a fighting station as well as a striking rod holder.
Adjust the height for maximum rod control and comfort. Insert your straight or bent-butt rod into the gimbal and when a fish strikes use the full 45-degree fighting arc

ASP-A-Arrigoni Samson Post
with adjustable / removable pedestal or snap-out deck plate.


Highlights of the Arrigoni Samson Post
Sportfishing Machine

  • Cushioned Thigh Brace: Enhances leverage, provides comfortable body support
  • Stainless Steel Trolling Pin: To the use post as a striking rod holder, removes for fighting.
  • Stainless Steel Striker Bar: (7/8 ” diameter, .065 gauge)
  • Stainless Steel Rod holders: Flanged and gimbaled
  • Stainless Steel Support Rod: Welded for added strength
  • Stainless Steel Height Adjustment pin: With hinged slide tab for security and ease of use
  • 5 Position Height adjustment: Provides 9″ range.
  • Stainless Steel Clutch Assembly: To control tension. Allows post to turn or lock in position.
  • Stainless Steel Bearing Caps: With grease fitting, internal high strength. Self-lubricating 660 oil-impregnated bronze bearing.
  • Adjustable Height / Removable Pedestal: Provides 12″ – 24’ height adjustment. Hardcoat anodized 6061-t6 aluminum. Includes snap-out plate.
  • More then 2,500 in use without a single failure! Performance engineered, constructed of 304 stainless steel, electroplated for a lasting finish. Perfect for center consoles and large offshore sport fishermen, too (for extra fighting stations)


Sampson Post Rod Holder Stainless Steel Rod Holders

Mr. Arrigoni,

Once again I would like to thank you for designing an outstanding product! This is the second Ahi (yellowfin) of the season (1st one was 200#+) My gunnels could not bear the stress that is put on them with fish like these. I have already had a few people ask me about your samson post. I would like to help promote your product here in Hawaii. Something to wear for me and my family when we are out fishing would be ideal. If nothing else maybe a sticker or two for my boat and truck. I recently started guiding (for donations) for Soldiers here on Oahu. The site needs a lot of work (I’ve been really busy at work since we redeployed from Iraq late last year) but the URL is I really appreciate your consideration and your awesome product!
Captain Eric M Folsom (Nemo)
USCG master 25 ton 158049



Our new “QUICK-ADJUST” height pedestal
which is supplied with the Sampson Post.


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