Inset Lockers (IL-1)


At Arrigoni Design, we manufacture all of our custom cabinetry, lockers, and insets from scratch. Each custom product is given individual care and consideration, built to your exact specifications.

Our inset lockers are designed to be installed into existing areas on your boat, transforming empty space into usable and efficient storage. You can also cut an opening in your boat for one of our inset lockers. The size, shape, layout, and door opening are custom-built to meet your needs. The interior drawers or shelves are hidden behind a lockable, waterproof door and are also fully customizable. Constructed of high-quality, maintenance-free King Starboard polyethylene and your choice of wood species if applicable.

Dimensions: all sizes available

Price: $689 & up. Please call for exact pricing.

With decades of experience, we’d love to walk you through which custom cabinet or locker would work best on your boat. Contact us today! 


  • Fully customizable inset lockers
  • Transform empty space into usage storage
  • Solid King Starboard construction with optional wood details 
  • Maintenance-free material 
  • Lockable, waterproof door – which can open in any direction
  • Customizable drawers or shelves- choose dividers, layouts, etc 
  • Built-to-order in our local Connecticut shop 
  • Shipped nationwide 

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