4 inch Diameter Pedestals

A – Four inch diameter manual adjustable height 30 inch pedestal with 12 inch diameter base. ( 22 in. up to 32 in.) Model S4MA. $2395. Also available in 6061 aluminum for $895. Model A4MA.

B – Four inch diameter fixed height 316 stainless steel pedestal with 12 inch pedestal base.$1494 Model S4-30. Also available in 6061 Aluminum for $589. Model A4-30.

C – Photo of our 4 inch aluminum pedestal

D – Four inch diameter gas assist adjustable height 316 stainless steel pedestal with a 12 inch diameter base (22in. up to 32 in.) $2495. Model S4GA. Also available in 6061 aluminum. 995. Model A4GA. Height range of 18in. to 24in. available in both grades.

E – Four inch 6061 aluminum locking swivel mount. #359. Model SW4-1

F – Pull outadj. Hgt four inch swivel ,footrest aith black Starboard step pad.$359 model SFP-4 ( Also available for 2 7/8 in OD and 3 .5in. OD pedestals)

G – Twelve inch flush deck plate in 316 stainless steel $395 model SFP12 and 6061 aluminum $169 model AFP-12.

H – Four inch slide & swivel mount with 316 stainless steel hub. $389. Model SSL-1



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