Our cushioned helm seats offer extreme comfort, adaptability and durability. Many feature reclining back, adjustable height, fold down arms, optional and removable headrest, and optional bolster. Most helm seat models come equipped with our signature track lock slide-and-swivel system to fit over your existing pedestal – no reinstallation needed. These captain’s chairs are available in a variety of styles and colors – off-white, khaki, white, black, or your custom choice – to meet your exact needs.


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  • New Boat Helm seat for Sale

    MK-3 Helm Seat Captain’s Chair

  • MK-4 Helm Seat Captain’s Chair

  • Boat Captain Chairs for Sale

    MK-3B Helm Seat Captain’s Chair

  • MK-4B Helm Seat Captain’s Chair

  • MK-5 Double Helm Seat

  • Swing Back Seat Locker (SBL-3) Double Wide

  • Swing Back Seat Locker (SBL-4) Double Length

  • Swing Back Seat Locker (SBL-1)

  • UL-1 Ultima Helm Seat Captain’s Chair

  • Dual Facing Seat with Bolster (SBS-2)

  • Side Mount Helm Seat (SMH-1)

  • MK-6 Flip Up Helm Seat

  • Compact Helm Seat (DC-1)