Boat Bar Stools & Marine Stools

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Are you thinking of adding a bar to your boat? Or perhaps you would like Marine stools as a seating option that can also add to the décor of your boat. Either way, Arrigoni Design has you covered. Click here to browse our other deck chairs.

Our business designs and creates custom boat bar stools that are built to last. Using different materials and finishes, our bar stools are known for their top-notch quality.

Keep in mind, the stools we sell can also be used offshore, if you need seating options for the bar or “mancave” in your home. Simply give us a call or stop by our shop, and we will provide you with a custom quote.

If you have any questions when browsing our site, or if you would like to learn more about the custom boat bar and Marine stools we design, then please contact us today!

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