Ready to get comfortable? Our helm seats will improve the look of your boat while giving you and your guests a more enjoyable ride. Arrigoni helm seats can offer features such as: recliner function, adjustable headrest, contoured seat base, flip up bolster, adjustable height aluminum pedestal, and more. With our incredibly easy slide and swivel base, these seats are a breeze to install. Available in a variety of sizes and colors.

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  • Teak Double Wide Ladderback Helm Seat (HS-3T)

  • Teak 3-Rung Ladderback Helm Seat with Arms (HS-1T3)

  • Teak 4-Rung Ladderback Helm Seat, Armless (HS-1T4N)

  • New Boat Helm seat for Sale

    MK-3 Helm Seat Captain’s Chair

  • MK-4 Helm Seat Captain’s Chair

  • Boat Captain Chairs for Sale

    MK-3B Helm Seat Captain’s Chair

  • MK-4B Helm Seat Captain’s Chair

  • MK-5 Double Helm Seat

  • Swing Back Seat Locker (SBL-3) Double Wide

  • Swing Back Seat Locker (SBL-4) Double Length

  • Swing Back Seat Locker (SBL-1)

  • UL-1 Ultima Helm Seat Captain’s Chair

  • Dual Facing Seat with Bolster (SBS-2)

  • Side Mount Helm Seat (SMH-1)

  • Compact Helm Seat (DC-1)

  • Teak 4-Rung Ladderback Helm Seat with Arms (HS-1T4)

  • Stainless Steel Cushioned Bar Stool – Stainless Back (BSU-S)

  • Dowel Back Teak Bar Stools (BSD-T)

  • Cushioned Bar Stool with Matching Backrest (BSU-B)

  • Stainless Steel Cushioned Bar Stool – Upholstered Back (BSU-U)

  • marine bar stool

    Upholstered Bar Stool – Wood Base (BSU-W)

  • Teak 3-Rung Ladderback Helm Seat, Armless (HS-1T3N)

  • Teak Ottoman Seats (TO)

  • Teak Ottoman Seats with Backrest (TO-B)