At Arrigoni Design, we build the finest custom cabinets, seating and related boating accessories. Our custom cabinetry features maintenance-free starboard construction, custom drawers with dividers, and waterproof lockable doors. We stand behind everything we manufacture and your satisfaction is our highest priority. Each custom product we build in our local Connecticut shop is given individual care and consideration, with your specifications in mind. Whether you’re looking to maximize seating, storage, fishing capabilities, or all of the above, we are always available to work with you customize your boat to its highest potential.

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  • Custom Step Boxes

  • Inset Lockers (IL-1)

  • Custom Lockers (DL-2)

  • Mini Drawer Locker for Boats

    Mini Drawer Locker (DL-1)

  • Swivel Seat Locker Captains Seat

    Swivel Seat Locker (CSL-3)

  • Fold Down Seat Locker Leaning Post (CSL-1)

  • Swing Back Seat Locker – 36″ Wide (SBL-2)

  • Swing Back Seat Locker (SBL-3) Double Wide

  • Swing Back Seat Locker (SBL-4) Double Length

  • Swing Back Seat Locker (SBL-1)

  • Rocket Launcher Tackle Storage Locker (RTL-PC)

  • Seat Locker Leaning Post (CSL-2)

  • Center Console Tackle Locker (CCSL) with Removable Backrest

  • Center Console Tackle Locker (CCSL-1) with Permanent Backrest