At Arrigoni Design we build the finest custom cabinets, seating and related boating accessories. Because we stand behind everything we manufacture, your satisfaction is our priority. Therefore each custom product we build is given individual care, with your specifications in mind.

We are always available to discuss and work with you to outfit your boat with products that will provide the strength, durability and performance you demand.

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  • Heavy Duty Dockside Multi-Purpose Table

  • Four Cup Drink Holder with Arm (CUP-4)

  • Twin Cup Holder with Storage Box (CUP-T)

  • Knife and Pliers Rack (KN-2)

  • Polyethylene Knife and Plier Holder (KN-1)

  • Spruce and Teak Wood Custom Flag Poles

  • Stainless Steel Steering Wheels with Knob (SSW)

  • Impact Absorption Mat

  • Folding Dock Step (STEP)

  • Dock Side Barbecue (BBQ)

  • Poly Food Tray with Arm for Boat

  • Stainless Steel On Board Propane Grill (BBQ-2)

  • Pop Up Table (POP)

  • Poly Utility Tray for Boat

  • Custom Swim Platforms

  • Custom Step Boxes

  • Inset Lockers (IL-1)

  • Custom Lockers (DL-2)

  • Mini Drawer Locker for Boats

    Mini Drawer Locker (DL-1)

  • Swivel Seat Locker Captains Seat

    Swivel Seat Locker (CSL-3)

  • Fold Down Seat Locker Leaning Post (CSL-1)

  • Swing Back Seat Locker – 36″ Wide (SBL-2)

  • Swing Back Seat Locker (SBL-3) Double Wide

  • Swing Back Seat Locker (SBL-4) Double Length