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Leaning Post - 40'
LP-40 Retail $889.00
LP-36 Retail $789.00
L.P.- 40 (shown)
The perfect choice when rod holders are not needed. This 40 in. post is designed for center consoles 21 ft. & larger Our 36 in. model is also available and fits well in smaller boats. Pedestals may be attached at any dimension to accommodate hatch & deck configurations. (custom sizes always available)
LP-40 - $889.00
Dim. 40 in X 13 in. Wide
LP-36 - $789.00
Dim. 36 in X 13 in Wide
Colors, Pure white, Off white or Light gray -call for custom colors
Leaning Post with Rodholders - 40'
LPR-40 Retail $995.00
LPR-36 Retail $895.00
L.P.R.- 40 (shown)
Our most popular Leaning Post model is equipped with four stainless steel rod holders and works well on boats 21 ft. & larger. Pedestals may be attached at any dimension to accommodate your hatch or deck configurations - all hardware is provided. Offering all the same features. Our LPR-36 is the perfect choice for smaller boats and remember we are always available to fabricate any custom size. Colors, pure white, off white & Light gray. Call for custom colors.
LPR-40 $995.00 & LPR-36 $895.00
Boat Leaning Post with Rodholders
White Fishing Leaning Post with Rodholders and Backrest
Leaning Post with Rodholders
40' (shown) With Wide Cushion
This Leaning Post offers the same features as our LPR-40 & 36in. models, but comes with a deeper cushion for extra comfort when sitting as well as standing.
LPR-40W - $1,069.00
Dim.40 in X 14in. Deep
LPR-36W - $969.00
Dim.36 in. X 14 in. Deep
Leaning Post with Rodholders
40' Regular Cushion & Backrest (shown)
Drop in removable backrests in matching upholstery are available for our LPR-40, LPR-36 & LPR-20 models. Great for extra comfort!
BR-40 $269.00
BR-36 $259.00
BR-20 $239.00
Leaning Post - 20'
LP-20 Retail $419.00
The perfect choice when replacing only one seat - also great for fly bridge application. Our 20 in X 13in.D dimension easily replaces any single helmseat and again custom sizes are always available.. Colors, Pure white, Off white or Light gray. Call for custom colors.
LP-20 $419.00
Leaning Post With Rod Holders - 20'
LPR-20 Retail $495.00
The perfect choice when you want to replace one of your center console seats with a leaning post for yourself while leaving a regular seat for your passenger. With this unit you also get two extra rod holders and our optional drop in back rest is also available. Colors, Pure white, Off white, & Light gray. Call for custom colors.
LPR 20 - $495.00 - Dim,. 20W X 13 D
Stainless steel handles as pictured are available for all leaning post models.
20 in. $39.00
36 in. $49.00
40 in. $59.00
Stainless steel handles as pictured are available for all leaning post models.
20 in. $39.00
36 in. $49.00
40 in. $59.00
Customer Comment

From: Rich S.
To: Chelso Arrigoni,
Let me say at first when I ordered my custom leaning post online I was a little nervous to say the least. However, when I opened the box and unpacked it I just stood there for 15 minutes staring at the masterpiece you built. Thank you so much. This will only highlight the beauty of my Classic 1979 Mako C.C.
Rich S. Babylon, NY
Customer Comment

Arrigoni Design
Just a quick note to thank you for tremendous service. I faxed an order on Tuesday morning and it arrived at my house Wednesday afternoon, unbelievable. I couldn't get it that fast if I drove down after it. In the days of "customer beware" your company is a breath of fresh air.
Have a great day
Pricing $879.00
Our newest leaning post model has been designed to conserve space in smaller center console boats without sacrificing comfort and utility. Only 35 inches long by 16 inches wide allows this model to fit easily in 15 to 18 foot boats.
Optional Backrest $249.00
Available with our slide over pedestal system which easily converts your two existing short seat pedestals to a leaning post or it can be ordered with standard 29 inch high pedestals. Model # 35-LPRS (shown with two optional drink holder cups)
Pedestal Mounted
Swing Back Seat
Our newest pedestal mounted swing back seat features polyethylene construction with marine vinyl - smooth or pleated as shown. The stainless steel mounted backrest moves back and forth for forward or aft seating. Model shown SBS-1, 40 inch. $1,695.00 Custom sizes always available.This new model offers all the features of our SBS-1 swing back seat as well as serving as a first class leaning post while standing at your helm. Custom sizes and colors are always available. Model shown is 38 inches $1,795.00. Model SBS-1L
Leaning Post Center Console
Tackle Locker - 2
LPL-2 Center Console Tackle Locker
Our newest leaning post tackle locker is designed for the smaller center console. Only 36 in. wide, it fits most 17' to 24' boats. Besides it's maintenance free polyethylene construction, it features four large drawers with dividers, two stainless rod holders and is lockable
A 94 quart cooler fits nicely underneath.. Options include a drop in backrest and a fold down footrest. Dimensions: 36 " W x 16" D x 30" H. $2,695.00 TBR Backrest $229.00 and FFR Footrest $129.00
The newest addition to our selection of leaning posts is ours double sided bolster configuration, Great for standing at your helm or even better for stand up fishing when those stripers hit. Standard models are LPD-1 $889.00 (40 in. X 14 in. wide) and LPD-2 $779.00 ( 36 in.X 14 in. wide) Aluminum pedestals included. Custom sizes and vinyl colors are always available. Call us with your ideas
Optional Teakwood Frame

Both single and double width models are available with or without stainless steel rod holders as shown. $1,195.00 (40-LPRT)
Optional teakwood frames are available 20', 26' and 40-inch rod holder models as shown. These ruggedly constructed posts adapt to all existing helmseat pedestals by using our slide over system or may be ordered with their own permanently mounted anodized aluminum pedestals.
These leaning posts are fabricated with maintenance-free polyethylene frames, double stitched marine grade vinyl and stainless steel fasteners.
Our swing back seat allows you to face aft or forward by simply flipping the seat back rest on these special swing back brackets. This seat easily mounts on adjustable height pedestals from 18 up to 30 inches or goes on any flat surface already existing in your boat. Absolute comfort and
Model shown is 36 inches wide and optional sizes are always available. White, off white cream or grey are stock colors or choose your own vinyl or material.
Manufactured on Starboard inner frames.
Model No. SBS-2L $1,695.00 including adj. hgt. pedestals.
Optional cover $165.00
Protect your leaning post and Leaning post with rod holders from the weather and the sun with our NEW covers.
Cover for the LPR - 40 $69.00
Item # LPR - 40C


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